This Artist Makes Amazing Carvings Out of Food

Courtesy of Daniele Barresi
Courtesy of Daniele Barresi

Food market aisles are like a blank canvas for Daniele Barresi, an Italian carving designer who’s now based in Sydney, Australia. The creative 26-year-old turns fruits and vegetables into edible art, using knives to whittle intricate shapes, patterns, and designs into their flesh.

"Every time I try to carve a different product," Barresi tells Mental Floss. "[I get] excited seeing different colors, different shapes."

Barresi, who began carving fruits and vegetables when he was only 7 years old, has placed in several international food sculpting competitions. He dreams of someday hosting his own TV show "that showcases the art of carving," according to the artist’s website.

Until this ambition becomes a reality, you can view Barresi's too-pretty-to-eat culinary creations below and on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Daniele Barresi

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You Can Make Baby Yoda’s Favorite Blue Cookies at Home


Season 2 of The Mandalorian has revealed some important plot elements, but fans of the Star Wars series are still asking one question: What were those little blue cookies Baby Yoda ate in episode four? While you can't hitch a ride to the planet Nevarro to find out, you can now bake your own version of the snack at home, A.V. Club reports.

Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau recently teamed up with Binging With Babish’s Andrew Rea to adapt the intergalactic recipe for Earth kitchens. Baby Yoda (a.k.a. The Child, a.k.a. Grogu) has an adventurous appetite, but these aqua-blue cookies may be the most delicious-looking thing he eats on the show.

Favreau revealed that the cookies used on set were basically blue-raspberry macarons. Rea recreates two versions of the snack: traditional French macarons with bright-blue food coloring, and a simpler, Nilla wafer-like confection that's easier to make. You can follow along with both recipes in the video below.

If you're not interested in making Baby Yoda's cookies from scratch, you can also buy Nevarro Nummies from Williams Sonoma for $50. Here are more products celebrating season 2 of The Mandalorian.

[h/t A.V. Club]