Bob Ross Is Now a Happy Little Funko Toy

Funko / Funko

Whether The Joy of Painting is your favorite art show or you simply have an ironic appreciation of Bob Ross's perm, fans of the late (yet still larger-than-life) artist/TV personality will soon be able to play with a tiny, pocket-sized Funko toy in his image. The vinyl figurine is slated to hit stores this August, according to Funko's blog. It depicts Ross dressed in his trademark jeans and button-down shirt, holding a painter’s palette. Sadly, it doesn’t come with any miniature paintings of "happy little trees." Check out Funko Bob Ross in all his bushy-haired glory below.

Update: The Bob Ross Funko Pop! figurine is now available on Amazon for $11. There are also several special-edition Bob Ross Funkos, which you can explore here.