The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

New PSY Song Banned from South Korea's Biggest TV Network

The new video for the song "Gentleman" from PSY will not be shown on the Korean Broadcasting System. Is it because of the language? The rude mischief in the video? Is it because of the many commercial product placements? No, the reason is that in the video, PSY kicks over a traffic cone. That is destroying public property, and may set a bad example. KBS receives funding from the South Korean government. The network will not alter the video in order to show it in its entirety, but may air short clips if it needs to.

Saudi Arabia Deports Men for Being Too Handsome

A group from the United Arab Emirates traveled to Saudi Arabia for a cultural festival in Riyadh. They weren't doing anything out of the ordinary when three men were seized by members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the nation's religious police. They were deported back to Abu Dhabi for being too handsome, in fears that women would find them irresistible. A statement from the Emirates noted that the religious police may have been on high alert at the time. There are no pictures of the handsome men.

Six-year-old Goes Out for Chinese Food

Motorists were surprised to see a child driving along the road in Lapeer, Michigan, early Saturday morning. According to Sgt. Andy Engster of the local sheriff's office, motorists boxed in the child and his car and called police. They found a 6-year-old who had taken the family car.

The boy had taken the keys off the counter at home and told the responding officer that he had never driven before and nobody had taught him how.

"He said he'd never even sat on his dad's lap to steer the car or anything," said Engster.

When police asked the boy why he took the car, he told them he was going to get Chinese food. He had hit a "no left turn" sign on Park and Pine streets near his home and, seeing the damage to the car, decided he needed to head to the dealer to get it repaired.

The unnamed boy's father called to retrieve him. The parents had been asleep, and were unaware that the child had left the house. No one was injured.

Batman Arrested for Burglary

Last month we told you the story of the Bradford Batman, who delivered a wanted man to a police station in England. He's back in the news, this time on the other side of the law! Following the earlier incident, Batman was revealed to be Stan Worby, who used the opportunity of a fancy dress event to stage a joke by taking his friend Daniel Frayne to the police station. But this time it was no joke when police arrested both men Sunday morning when police stopped the vehicle they were in. West Yorkshire police arrested Worby and Frayne for stealing  £770 worth of power tools from a garage. 

Chihuahua Fosters Meerkat

Wilson the meerkat was born at Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary & Animal Gardens in Mablethorpe, England. He was rejected by his mother as the runt of the litter. What do do? Sanctuary owner Dennis Drew tried hand-rearing the tiny meerkat, but knew he needed help.

But when he overheard staff member Leanne Clark, 22, talk about her pet Chihuahua who was going through a phantom pregnancy Dennis had a bright idea.

He introduced Wilson to Leanne’s dog Kimi – who was lactating as part of her phantom pregnancy – and was amazed when the meerkat fed from her.

Within days Wilson became bigger and stronger and Kimi took over as mother believing the meerkat was her own puppy.

After nearly two months together, the pair have forged an inseparable bond.

The plan is to eventually re-introduce Wilson to his meerkat family. The maternal Kimi may have a future as a foster mother for the sanctuary.

Iceland Unveils App to Avoid Incest

The population of Iceland is only 320,000 people, and most of them are distantly related. When you meet someone new, there is a risk of accidental incest. But a new smartphone app has been introduced to minimize that risk. The Islendiga-App (App of Icelanders) will access an online database of Icelandic family trees to determine how closely any two residents are related. And all they have to do is touch their phones together. The app is marketed with the slogan "“Bump the app before you bump in bed.”