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London Skyscraper to Feature a Glass Climbing Wall With Dizzying Views

Michele Debczak
PLP Architecture
PLP Architecture / PLP Architecture

Residents of a new skyscraper going up in London will have a chance to see their city from an entirely new perspective. As Konbini reports, the TwentyTwo tower in the ward of Bishopsgate will include a large glass window that doubles as a rock climbing wall.

The installation will be located indoors, 410 feet above ground level. Like a traditional climbing wall, the glass will be studded with holds of different shapes and sizes. But instead of facing an opaque surface, climbers will look out onto sweeping views of London.

PLP Architecture

The TwentyTwo is the latest building to take advantage of its height with a vertigo-inducing amenity. In 2016, Market Square Tower in Houston opened a glass-bottomed pool that hangs 500 feet above the street. A few months before that, the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles unveiled a clear “skyslide” that hugs the building’s 70th floor.

When construction on the high-rise wraps sometime before 2019, there will be plenty of relaxing features—like a spa, juice bar, and outdoor terrace—for residents to enjoy. The glass climbing wall will also be available should they want to test their nerves.

[h/t Konbini]