Italian Airport Makes Pesto Sauce an Exception to the Liquids Ban

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

Taking a piece of famous cuisine home from Genoa, Italy just got easier for tourists. As the Associated Press reports, people flying out of the city are now allowed to pack up to 500 grams of pesto in their carry-on bags.

Before the change was made on June 1, travelers enamored with the basil pine nut sauce the city is known for had to store jars in their checked baggage if they wanted to take some home. And if they were unfortunate enough to forget the airport’s 100-milliliter rule for carry-ons, that tasty souvenir was seized at security—something the airport said has happened hundreds of times.

That’s no longer an issue with Genoa’s new airport waiver. According to the BBC, flyers packing pesto can pay €0.50 (roughly $0.55) for a sticker to label their jars. All proceeds go to a charity that transports sick children to hospitals by airlift. In the three weeks since its introduction, the program has raised more than $550 for the cause.

Airport security is still strict when it comes to other liquid Italian specialties, as well as jars of pesto that don’t meet the standards (it has to be genuine Genovese pesto to qualify for the exemption).

[h/t AP]