The Late Movies: Watch How Hard Coca-Cola Tried to Market New Coke

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We all make mistakes. And in 1985, Coca-Cola made a big one when they changed their soda's formula and released New Coke. The response was overwhelmingly negative, and the original formula was back on the market in less than three months. Here, some snippets from their failed advertising campaign.


This snippet explains what provoked Coca-Cola to try a relaunch.

Coke is it!

Even this catchy jingle and inspirational commercial couldn't save it.

Bill Cosby

America's favorite dad shilled for New Coke with little success.


Pepsi capitalized on the failure with this commercial. "They changed my Coke!"

Research shows ...

This commercial tries to convince the American public that the majority of people prefer the new flavor. (Lies!)

New Edition

Nice try, boys ...