No Return Tickets

Book your trip to the red planet now. But take all your stuff with you, because you ain’t coming back.


Don’t Forget the Popcorn

These home theaters are amazing.


Eat the Invaders

This article pushes a new approach to dealing with invasive animal species: Cook them up.


The World’s Oldest Hamburger

In 1999, David Whipple bought a McDonald’s hamburger. And he never ate it. And he still has it. And it looks the same as the day he bought it. It never began to rot. This is terrifying.


Things I Need

I really feel that we should pull together as a community and purchase this old filing cabinet for me. This is important. Send your money in now.


A Dramatic Reading of the Delta Gamma Sorority Letter

Last week, an explicit email from a college sorority sister hit the internet and instantly became legendary. Now, Funny or Die has staged a very dramatic reading of the email. WARNING: This email and video have a HUGE amount of NSFW language.