This Perfume Is Meant to Evoke the Memory of Losing Your First Baby Tooth

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Not everyone likes the aroma of blooming roses or sun-warmed lavender. But thanks to the magic of synthetic chemistry, fragrance fans that want to smell as unique as they feel can buy scents resembling Play-Doh, lobster, urine, or even Stilton cheese. (It’s called "Eau de Stilton.") And now, The Cut reports that perfume purchasers can own a spray formulated to evoke a particularly painful childhood memory: losing a first tooth.

Called Dent de Lait (that’s French for "baby teeth," or "milk of teeth"), the warm scent by French artist, designer, and master perfumer Serge Lutens reportedly smells like a combination of powder, milk, and hard candy. It contains metallic notes (presumably to mimic blood), and notes of incense, heliotrope, and almond.

The niche scent likely isn’t for everyone—especially if one of your baby teeth fell victim to a rogue baseball or a clumsy dentist—but adults with fond memories of scoring sweet under-the-pillow prizes from the Tooth Fairy can view the perfume’s ad below, or purchase the $180 scent online beginning in September.

[h/t The Cut]