The World's Biggest Super Soaker is Not a Toy

YouTube / YouTube

Summer may be nearly half over, but there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in an epic water gun fight. Chances are, though, that your battles won’t be quite as legendary as the ones waged in Mark Rober’s backyard.

As Sploid reports, the YouTube personality, former NASA engineer, and playful dad—who made headlines last year for designing the world’s largest Nerf gun—has now created what’s being billed as the world’s biggest Super Soaker.

The gun isn’t just huge—it’s also powerful. The 7-foot plastic toy gun shoots water at speeds up to 243 mph, and its reservoir can be pressurized to 2400 pounds per square inch. Pull the trigger, and the ensuing stream can break glass, shatter targets, and scare opponents into soaking wet submission.

Watch Rober demonstrate how the gun works in the video below (which also includes a fun cameo from the original Super Soaker’s inventor, former NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson).

[h/t Sploid]