Making a Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich in Space

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Coconut Science Lab
YouTube / Coconut Science Lab / YouTube / Coconut Science Lab

Here's a personal question: what's the weirdest "peanut butter and something" combo that you actually like? When I was a kid, I invented/discovered the peanut butter and cheese sandwich. Others thought it was gross. I thought it was savory and delicious. I moved on to peanut butter and honey after a few years, and that's where I've ended up. But recently, my fiancée has been trying to convince me that peanut butter and pickles is a tasty combo (not in sandwich form, just straight up peanut butter and pickles). I'm not so sure.

In this short video, Commander Chris Hadfield of the International Space Station shows us how to make a peanut butter and honey space. Some compromises have to be made -- crumby bread isn't allowed, and the peanut butter comes in a flat-packed squeeze tube. The honey is attached by velcro to a nearby surface. But he makes it work.

Okay, now let's get down to it: what's your go-to "peanut butter and something" concoction?