Why Book a Hotel Room in Belize When You Can Rent This Entire Island for Less Than $500?

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Want to live like Robinson Crusoe without forsaking toilets, electricity, and Wi-Fi? As Tasting Table reports, an Airbnb listing for a tiny private island in Belize can make your castaway-in-comfort dreams a reality.

Called Bird Island, the tiny atoll sits off the coast of Placencia, a quiet Caribbean fishing village-turned-beach resort. Parties of up to six people can rent the entire thing for $495 per night, with a minimum stay of four days.

Instead of a thatched-roof bungalow, guests stay in a two-bedroom house with a separate cabana featuring a double bed. You won’t be entirely off-the-grid—there’s Internet, a phone, and a kitchen stocked with basic cooking necessities—but you will need to bring your own food, plus fishing and snorkeling equipment if you plan to take advantage of the coral reef that surrounds the island.

Fantasizing about getting away from it all? Visit Airbnb to book your stay, and check out the photos below.

[h/t Tasting Table]