"Jane Fonda's Workout" Turns 31

Chris Higgins
YouTube / YouTube

On this day in 1982, Jane Fonda released her now-classic Jane Fonda's Workout video, which jumpstarted a home video workout craze that still thrives today. But have you actually seen that video? Yeah, it's on YouTube, and yeah, it's totally 80s. From the smooth jazz backgrounds (including occasional saxophone noodling) to the "50 Shades of Magenta" leotard fashion, it's got everything -- including some exercise moves that seem, um, suggestive. Anyway, here's to 31 years of working out with Jane!

Representative quote: "Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.... Aaaand aerobics! ... Jumping jacks! ... Don't forget to breathe, six, seven, eight!"

Trivia note: kids of today may not remember it, but the videos were based on Fonda's 1981 book. IMDB also has some editing goofs, proving that watching this video a zillion times does reveal a few minor continuity errors.