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Kaitlyn Boettcher
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Many movies try to teach us life lessons. Sometimes those lessons are buried deep under the surface; other times, they are said outright. And sometimes the same message is explicit in multiple movies. Some creative editors have combined the valuable lessons Hollywood aims to teach us in supercuts—video clips of cliches or phrases from TV and film combined into one fast-paced montage. Here are a few of our favorites. (Beware—NSFW language in a few of these videos!)

There are only two types of people.


There is rarely time to explain.


A Maniacal laugh is worth a thousand words.


Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to just “get out of there.”


Other times, the smart option is to “sit down and shut up.”


When you have been shot, you should probably point it out to the person who shot you.


It’s never not show time.