The Weird Week in Review

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Matt Lavin/Marist College Crew
Matt Lavin/Marist College Crew / Matt Lavin/Marist College Crew

Rowing Team Finds 7-foot Floating Head

The Marist College crew team rowed across an object floating in the Hudson River Monday morning. It was a giant fiberglass and styrofoam head. The head is four feet wide and seven feet tall! Several days later, no one has identified or claimed the head, but many think it resembles a Mardi Gras parade prop. However, it could have come from anywhere and may have been in the water for several years.

Man Survives Harpoon in Head

A man in Petropolis, Brazil, accidentally shot himself through the head with a harpoon. As he was cleaning his fishing gear, 34-year-old Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho was impaled by a spear that went 15 centimeters into his skull. For some reason, he did not seek medical attention until the next day! At the urging of a relative, de Souza Coutinho went to a hospital and received emergency surgery. There is no mention of how de Souza Coutinho managed overnight with the spear in his face. He lost an eye, but suffered no brain damage.

Missing Tiger Found in Ladies Room

Jenna Krehbiel of Salina, Kansas walked into a restroom and came face-to-face with a tiger. She had just watched the big cat act at the Isis Shrine Circus at the Salina Bicentennial Center, but she didn't expect to meet one of the stars.

“I went in to use the bathroom, and a lady came in to get her daughter out and said there was a tiger loose,” Krehbiel, who was a first-time visitor to the circus, told the Salina Journal. “I didn’t know it was in the bathroom, and I walked in the (open) door, which closed right after I had walked in. I saw the tiger; it was at most two feet in front of me, and I turned around calmly and walked back toward the door.”

The tiger had escaped at some point during the show, according to Center officials, prompting staffers to lock down the area, but the roughly 25-foot-long bathroom apparently had more than one entrance — Krehbiel came in from the other side, putting her “the closest [she'd] ever been to a tiger not in a cage.”

When she later told her 3-year-old daughter of the incident, the child wanted to know if the tiger washed its hands.

The Saskatchewan Hoodoo

Several months ago, someone discarded a mattress on the side of Ring Road near Regina, Saskatchewan. It lay on top of several feet of snow, and as the snow around it melted, the mattress appeared to rise up from the surrounding landscape. Locals began referring to it as a natural wonder called the Saskatchewan Hoodoo. The mattress was finally removed this week, but the Hoodoo lives on in photographs

Intruder Uses Dog Door

A couple in Weatherford, Texas, called police Tuesday when they heard noises and found damage to their dog door. They don't have a dog. Afraid a large animal had entered the home, they looked around and found a naked woman in the bathtub! Police arrested 25-year-old Sara Soto, who insisted she did nothing wrong and only came in to use the telephone. Soto's dress was found on the back porch.

Woman Swallows Diamond at Charity Event

The Tampa Woman's Club held a fundraising event in which 400 flutes of champagne each held a gem. All but one were cubic zirconias, and one lucky participant was to get a $5,000 diamond. However, when the champagne was gone, the real diamond could not be found. An elderly woman reported that she had accidentally swallowed the gem in her glass. Coincidentally, the woman was scheduled for a colonoscopy the next day, during which the doctor found a gem. An appraisal determined that it was indeed, a real diamond.