Elusive Street Artist 'Tom Bob' is Turning Light Poles and Sewer Covers Into Colorful Works of Art

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Street artist Tom Bob turns mundane city fixtures like manhole covers, electric meters, pipes, and bike racks into whimsical works of art. Not much is known about the elusive, New York-based designer (he doesn't even have a website), but as Ufunk reports, his colorful creations—which include drain pipes decorated to look like sea monsters, manholes transformed into turtles, and poles painted to resemble drumsticks, held by a cartoon Ringo Starr—have been spotted in New York, Boston, New Bedford, Massachusetts, and other cities.

It takes a keen eye to spot Tom Bob's small-scale artworks amid a city's hustle and bustle. But in June 2017, the artist's vibrant aesthetic was on full display at the Governors Ball, New York's annual three-day music extravaganza. There, Tom Bob participated in the Governors Ball Mural Project, a collaborative art project in which street artists team up to create large-scale works that go on display at the festival.

Check out some of Tom Bob's artworks below, or on Instagram. And if you live in New York, keep your eyes peeled for multicolored manholes and animal-shaped electric meters while walking down the street.

[h/t Ufunk]