How Not to Blow Up Your Computer (in 1993)

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Everything is Terrible
YouTube / Everything is Terrible / YouTube / Everything is Terrible

Kim Komando has been teaching people to use computers (sorry, komputers) for decades -- she runs a komputer-themed radio call-in show, running for three hours each weekend.

But if we set our time machine to 1993, Komando released a series of "Komputer Tutor" VHS tapes, including one called Komputer Kindergarten that taught basic computer skills (DOS and Windows, and "what is a printer") to beginners. The good folks over at Everything is Terrible edited Komputer Kindergarten down into a highlight reel, just under three minutes. It's amazing. Seriously. Watch this.

Sample quote: "And what happens when you press the wrong button? Does it blow up?"

If that's not enough, here's "how to avoid the 29 biggest computer mistakes" (in 1993). Warning -- it's 35 minutes long. Sample quote: "You're only allowed to have one floppy disk in the disk drive at one time."