The Jolly, Candy-Like Button

Remember that Ren & Stimpy episode with the History Eraser Button? Sure you do. These people also pressed a button they didn’t want to.


Do You Like Scary Movies?

What about new TV shows based on famous scary movies? MTV is planning a Scream television series.


Are You Smarter Than A Five Year Old?

Not if you’re comparing yourself to this one, who is a new member of Mensa.


Speaking of Didn’t-Mean-To

Comedian Nathan Fielder encouraged his Twitter followers to text their parents a message vaguely referencing a drug buy, quickly followed by another announcing that they’d texted the wrong person. As you’d expect, there are a few NSFW words involved.


The 60s in the City

This fantastic gallery portrays the crown jewel of New York City parks as it looked back in the 1960s.


That’s A Pricey Beverage

An 80-year old woman named Miriam Tucker accidentally swallowed a $5,000 diamond at a fundraiser this week.


Embrace the Wingnuts

Conspiracy theories might just be good for us.