How Large Are the World's Oceans?

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How large are the world's oceans?Nikhil Patel:

  1. If all the irregularities on the Earth’s surface were to be smoothed out, such that there are no more holes or dents above or below the water, then the entire earth would be filled up with water which would be 12,000 feet deep.
  2. The ocean contains so much salt that if you take out the salt and spread it evenly on all the land of the earth, then you will have a 500-foot thick salt layer.
  3. The Pacific Ocean is as large as all the others—Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian Ocean—combined together.
  4. Sea water contains 38 pounds of gold per cubic mile.
  5. Everything goes into the ocean, in the end. Oceans are the greatest sink of the planet. That means all the sediments of rocks, all the rivers, debris with them, wind-blown dust, volcanic debris, everything. It’s said to have a 10,000-foot death bed of marine life’s skeletons. Below them is another bed of debris, which now is turned to rocks, due to immense pressure over the passage of time.
  6. You can sink the entire Mount Everest (29,0299 feet) into the Mariana Trench (deepest place on the earth - 36,200 feet).

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