Why People Buy the Con

Fake bomb detectors, fraudulent disease diagnosing machines and Ouija boards all take advantage of the same psychological phenomenon in order to trick people.


Oh My God This Is Really Happening!

New Arrested Development posters have been released, one for each main character. I’m starting to believe there may actually really be new shows on the way.


A Well-Drawn Character

Kevin McShane has drawn himself in 100 different cartoon styles. Be sure to scroll down and see how many of the different looks you can identify.


The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstore

The Grand Splendid bookstore is just that—grand and splendid. 


Not As Beautiful

This website documents the odd assortment of tomes in the Guantanamo Bay prison library. (Via Digg)


How They Found Them

Inside the 102-hour chase for the Tsarnaev brothers.


Name That Meme

Find out just how much time you spend on the web by identifying the names of these internet icons.