Disney Resorts Then and Now

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The world has changed a lot since Disneyland was originally opened in 1955, but the park itself may just exist in a magical bubble where time is only limited by the imagination. After all, Main Street perpetually exists in 1910, and Frontierland will never move beyond its place in the Wild West. That's why Imagineering Disney's gallery of pictures from the park then and now are so fascinating.

Of course, there is one part of the park that has to change regularly: Tomorrowland. In fact, the pictures from this area, like the one at


, reflect just how our image of the future has evolved over the decades.

The post also includes images from Disney World then and now, but it's important to remember that the park was constructed 15 years after Disneyland, so not only has less time passed since it was constructed, but the team had all that time to evaluate what worked and what didn't work at the first park.

You can even look at pictures of what was once the Disney River Country Park that has since been abandoned.