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Come Join Us on the Road!

Jason English
Cary Norton
Cary Norton / Cary Norton

Exciting announcement alert!

The good people at Ford gave us a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta as part of the Fiesta Movement. During the next eight months, we'll be hitting the road and taking readers on a series of eight adventures, from trips to offbeat museums to behind-the-scenes tours of famous landmarks.

If you'd like to join us when we're in your vicinity, send an email to Tell us where you live and if there's anything amazing going on in your neck of the woods in 2013. (We might plan an extra adventure around it.)

Obviously we can't get to everyone, but we're itching to get on the road! Later this week I'll be in Philadelphia. If you're in Philly and free Friday afternoon, put I'M IN PHILLY AND FREE FRIDAY AFTERNOON in the subject line. I'll come bearing gifts!

For updates on the Fiesta Movement, you can follow along here.