How to Win an Argument

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Whether you’re an attorney defending a client or an online activist debating politics in a group chat, personal conviction and strong communication skills alone aren't always enough to make the other side see things your way. To persuasively drive your point home, follow the tips below, provided by online lender CashNetUSA’s SavingSpot blog and spotted by Entrepreneur.

In addition to honing your listening skills, pay attention to your eye contact and body language. (Try sitting up straight, feet together and palms down, or mirroring your opponent’s gestures and seating position.) When it's your turn to speak, assure your rival that you’re willing to engage in a two-way conversation—not a one-sided argument—before steering the discussion forward. Stay courteous, ask your debate partner to fully explain their thoughts, identify common ground, and know your facts (but don’t use too many, as they often don’t appeal to a person's emotional side).

For more suggestions, check out the infographic below.

SavingSpot, CashNetUSA

[h/t Entrepreneur]