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Go Geek Formal With These Doctor Who Dress Suits

Jake Rossen /

After a nine-year absence from television, the BBC’s Doctor Who returned in 2005 and became a certifiable licensing bonanza. You can buy Doctor Who cookie jars, Doctor Who pajamas, Doctor Who USB hubs, and something called a Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Unisex Onesie with Thumb Holes.

Fans of the show looking for something slightly more dapper may be interested in a line of Doctor Who dress suits recently unveiled by The ensembles range from the subtle—a normal-seeming jacket and pants with a bombastic interior—to the overt, with a blue suit designed to look like the exterior of The Doctor’s TARDIS time machine.

The suit’s satin interior reveals a busy pattern of TARDIS-related illustration:

Even the buttons on the sleeve have tiny TARDIS accents, so there will be absolutely no mistaking your commitment to The Doctor. The subtle suits retail for $230, while the full-blown TARDIS version will set you back $300.