Based on the trailer for the adaptation of Stephen King’s It, the film will likely provide viewers with weeks' worth of nightmare fuel when it premieres September 8. If you can’t wait that long, you can get a jumpstart on the terror by playing the new It video-game from Warner Bros.

According to Slash Film, the 8-bit experience takes players beneath the town of Derry, Maine, where they navigate Georgie's paper boat through the sewer. The objective is to pop as many red balloon as possible while avoiding pipes, rocks, missing-children posters, and even Pennywise himself.

Warner Bros.

The game play itself isn't too difficult, but it is hard to listen to a clown's evil cackling in the background without letting the pressure get to you. You can explore the world of It before the movie hits theaters next month by playing the free game on the film's website.

[h/t Slash Film]