Trailer Thursday: Men of Iron and Ice. No George R.R. Martin required. /

Welcome to Trailer Thursday, where we help you decide what to do with your Friday night. Here's what's coming out tomorrow.

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is back. And unfortunately, so is Pepper Potts. But there's also Ben Kingsley! Kingsley plays a new nemesis named The Mandarin, and he hits Tony where it really hurts—in his personal life.

See it if:

- You're not immune to the charms of Robert Downey, Jr. And come on... is anyone immune to the charms of RDJ??
- You're ready for the first big "summer" blockbuster.
- You're interested to see where director Shane Black goes with the franchise. Jon Favreau, director of the previous two films, is still involved: He plays Happy Hogan, Stark Industries' head of security.

What Maisie Knew

Parents divorce—one of them happens to be a rock star—and their only child, Maisie, is caught in the middle of it.

See it if:

- You enjoy that certain breed of adorable children who also happen to be wise beyond their years.
- You want to get your heart broken this weekend. It definitely looks like a tearjearker.
- You're intrigued to see how Julianne Moore pulls off being a Joan Jett type.

The Iceman

The true story of contract killer Richard Kuklinski, who led such a double life that his wife and children were totally astonished when he was arrested in the '80s.

See it if:

- You're a sucker for "based on a true story" movies. If they had been truly casting according to appearance, Kyle Gass would have been a better choice, by the way.
- You love a good retro mustache as much as anyone.
- You've been wondering what David Schwimmer has been up to.
- That Michael Shannon. He's so hot right now.

Love is All You Need

A limited-release film, Love is All You Need is about a hairdresser who returned home from a successful battle against breast cancer to find out her husband is cheating on her. Immediately afterward, on her way to Italy for her daughter's wedding, she has a chance encounter with the groom's father, who is a jerk.

See it if:

- You've been missing Pierce Brosnan. (Admit it. You have been.)
- You're in a romantic comedy kind of a mood. I'm not a rom-com type of girl, typically, but dare I say this looks rather charming?