This Smart Food Bowl For Your Pet Can Keep the Puppy Pounds Off

PetMio / PetMio

Smart technology, or the ability for inanimate objects to measure your quality of life, are all the rage these days. If you’ve ever wondered when that could apply to your pets, you’re in luck: PetMio has recently launched a Kickstarter that uses the latest in canine fitness surveillance to make sure your dog could crush a Crossfit WOD.

It starts with a SMART Tracker—essentially an animal Fitbit—that tracks your pet’s activity level. Then, when your furry companion digs in for a meal, their Smart Bowl measures how much is being consumed and how quickly.

All of this information is directed to the PetMio app, which can then customize a dietary plan and formulate a specific kibble that they’ll ship right to your door. If your dog is highly active, he’ll get something with plenty of fats and protein; if your cat is a lazy, shiftless bum, they’ll plug in some additional vitamins. PetMio will also factor in size, breed, and age when preparing their meals.


Pricing depends on your breed’s size. Cat packages begin at $94, while large dogs can go for $240; monthly supplies of the food range from $18 to $243. The project is accepting pledges through October 14.

[h/t DigitalTrends]