Turn Your Favorite Picture Into a Blocky Post-It Mural

3M, Buzzfeed
3M, Buzzfeed / 3M, Buzzfeed

Post-it Notes are typically sold in the office supplies aisle, but in the right hands, they can make colorful artistic masterpieces. Now the company that makes Post-its, 3M, is embracing the brand’s creative potential. Their Mural Kit—a collaboration with Buzzfeed Product Labs—allows you to turn any image you like into a sticky work of art.

To receive a kit of your own, start by uploading a photograph or choosing one of the ready-made designs on the Mural Kit website. After you submit your image, 3M will send a package containing the perfect amount of Post-its for the project to your door. Your purchase also includes instructions and numbered backing sheets to help you piece your artwork together.

From there, it’s up to you to fill your wall with whatever mural you’ve chosen, whether it’s a portrait of your best friend for their surprise birthday party, the logo of your favorite sports team, or a classic poo emoji.

A custom 11-foot-by-7-foot Mural Kit costs roughly $50 to $60, depending on how complicated the image is. For comparison, you can get a pack of five Post-it pads for less than half that amount on Amazon. If you’d rather challenge yourself and build a Post-it collage the old-fashioned way, you can look to these ambitious murals for inspiration.