The Simpson Family = The Groening Family

The recent death of Matt Groening’s mother led to a very familiar obit.


Are You King of the Nerds?

Or just a pawn? It probably depends on whether or not you own any of these.


How Cheesy Can You Get?

The history of ballpark nachos shows us that very thing.


Must Not Have Been A Very Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Paul Templer claims to have been eaten by a hippo, and lived to tell the tale.


The Trashiest Boat on the Open Seas

The Mobro 4000 sounds like a futuristic robot butler. It’s not. It’s actually a barge carrying 6 million pounds of trash that has nowhere to go.


Well That Took 11 Seconds

The man who discovered three kidnapped girls in Cleveland last night has already been internet-ized.


RIP: Hotmail

The once mighty mail service is no more.