Google Has 19 Browser Games Up for Its 19th Birthday

Jake Rossen
Google / Google

For the past 19 years, Google has been busy ingratiating itself into the fabric of the internet. We no longer search for people, places, or facts: We Google them. In honor of this remarkable burrowing into our psyches, the company is launching a greatest hits library of its browser games from the past 19 years.

According to The Verge, the search engine is currently equipped with a game wheel that can be spun with a mouse click on its landing page. A random result will bring up one of 19 games, from Pac-Man to tic-tac-toe to more bizarre entries like Pinata, which delivers exactly what you’d expect. If you’re feeling like you want to head directly for Snake, Google's maddening reptile chase game, you can just type “snake” into the search box.

Unlike the original versions of the games, these anniversary editions are full-screen to make sure you suffocate whatever is left of your productivity.

[h/t The Verge]