Counting Crows

Sandy Wood

Put on your lateral thinking cap to help you solve today's Think Thursday challenge at the Brain Game. Good luck:

10, 15, 95, 102, ? Which of the following four numbers BEST  continues the above sequence, and why? a. 77 b. 191 c. 248 d. 33

Here is our ANSWER.

NOTE: These type questions lend themselves to alternate answers, so if you think you've found a legit one, feel free to add it to the comments. Thanks!


The number 77 best completes the sequence.

t's based on the number of syllables in each number:   ten (1 syllable), fif-teen (2 syllables), nine-ty-five (three syllables), one-hun-dred-two (four syllables)... so sev-en-ty-sev-en (5 syllables) would be the best fit.

Thanks for playing! Tomorrow, it's Free-for-All Friday.