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The Weird Week in Review

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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office / Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

Alligator Catches Fleeing Suspect

A Pinellas County Sheriff's deputy pulled over a car driven by 20-year-old Bryan Zuniga near Tampa, Florida, when he was observed weaving in traffic around 3AM Thursday. Zuniga stopped the car, then fled by kicking his way through a fence. He was found a few hours later in a hospital. Zuniga had breached the fence of a water treatment plant, and been bitten by an alligator on his run. He suffered injuries on his face and arm. Zuniga was arrested on a variety of charges, but it is not known why he fled from the traffic stop.

Fake Nuns Caught Smuggling Cocaine

Police in San Andres, a Colombian island in the Caribbean, arrested three women posing as nuns. They had $35,000 worth of cocaine underneath their habits as they entered the island at the San Andres airport.

“They weren’t really religious, they weren’t nuns. On the contrary, they were taking advantage of this situation,” San Andres police commissioner Jorge Gomez told RCN TV.

According to the police official, the drugs — 60,000 doses — had a street value of $35,470 and was likely to be distributed locally.

The suspects, ages 20, 32, and 37, were jailed and are awaiting trial.

Mr. and Mrs. Speed in Trouble Over Speed

A case of nominative determinism? Daniel Speed of Nottingham, England, pled guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply amphetamines. Speed was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail. His wife, Abigail Speed, was ordered to perform 180 hours of community labor. The Speeds were arrested following a raid on their home in 2011, during which about a kilogram of amphetamines, scales, and cash were seized. The couple was also found to have made large unexplained cash deposits over the past few years, despite the fact that Daniel Speed is unemployed and Abigail Speed has a low-income job.

105-Year-Old Woman Says Bacon Keeps Her Alive

Pearl Cantrell of Brownwood, Texas, recently celebrated her 105th birthday with a three-day celebration which over 200 guests attended. The local TV station asked her the secret to her longevity, and she said, “I love bacon. I eat it every day.” The quote inspired the Oscar Mayer company to send its Weinermobile to Cantrell's house to deliver a supply of bacon. But Cantrell has other healthier habits, such as staying active years after retirement. For example, she mowed her own lawn until she was 100 years old. Cantrell worked a variety of physically active jobs during her life and raised seven children.

Puppy Survives Month in Locked Car

A vehicle at an impound lot in Kansas City had a surprise inside, but no one knew for almost a month. When an inspector went around to mark cars for auction on Monday, the puppy jumped up on the dashboard! Since the car was locked, lot employees called the police, who freed the puppy.

What is known is that the 1990 Chevy Suburban was towed because it was abandoned April 8 on an eastbound ramp to I-70 from Van Brunt Boulevard and was blocking traffic, Rotert said. Police got the call at 10:08 p.m. and it was towed to the city tow lot at 10:45 p.m. Neither police nor the tow truck driver saw a dog, nor did tow lot employees.

The doors on the car were locked. Typically, when a car arrives at the tow lot with locked doors, employees take pictures of the outside of the vehicle and keep the doors locked. Rotert said they do not try to break into locked cars.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian, who estimated the emaciated pup was 12 weeks old, although the female, now named Kia, was the size of an 8-week-old. She had apparently survived on fast food scraps and cigars, but no one knows if she had anything to drink. The owner of the car came by the lot on May 1st, but did not have a car key and never mentioned a puppy. Kia is expected to recover and will be sent to a foster home before adoption.

Scratch-and-Sniff Cards Still Worked

Energy West in Great Falls, Montana, distributes scratch-and-sniff cards to its customers so they can learn to recognize the smell of a gas leak. When a batch of expired cards was discarded, they were picked up by a garbage truck that compressed them with the other trash, which released the smell to the entire town as the truck traveled its route on Wednesday. Gas customers recognized the smell, all right. Alarms were raised, and several buildings were evacuated due to the smell. The gas company has apologized for the situation.