Muppet Babies Parodies

Erica Palan

As an adult, it can often be amusing to look back at our favorite TV shows and movies from childhood to discover the "secret" grown-up jokes and themes we missed as children. Jim Henson's Muppet Babies offers up dozens and dozens of jokes for adults, often in the form of parody. Everything from Star Wars to Queen Elizabeth was reinterpreted by the Muppets. Here, six of the funniest.

Star Wars

And Star Trek and The Jetsons and Indiana Jones. There's a lot going on here.

The Twilight Zone

Gonzo takes everyone to The Weirdo Zone to help explain his unusual behavior.

Mission: Impossible

Muppet: Impossible sends Scooter and Skeeter on the hunt for forbidden snacks!

Queen Elizabeth

And Shakespeare! Quoth Gonzo, "Weirdio, oh Weirdio, where for art thou, Weirdio?"

Indiana Jones

Indiana Frog is on the hunt for Rowlf's lost voice in Raiders of the Lost Bark.

I Love Lucy

It will shock no one that Miss Piggy plays the role inspired by Lucy.