“You May Remember Me From Such Out of Office Messages As...”

A man leaves his job, and leaves behind the coolest, funniest, most Simpsons-friendly email auto reply message ever.


Censorship Killed the Video Star

Back when music videos still existed, some music videos were treated like they didn’t exist. Check out, and watch, this list of 10 banned music videos.


It’s Best to Avoid Spaghettification

Neil deGrasse Tyson describes what exactly would happen to you if you fell into a black hole. It’s very interesting and amazing and in the end you turn into pasta.


Hot Off the Production Line

I’d like to visit Avery Island someday and see the Tabasco factory in person. Until then, I’ll just have to settle for this video rundown of the long, long creation process.


All Part of the Job Description

I meddle in the affairs of others. I use a lot of sarcasm. I make fun of others. I’m not usually cheerful. As you can tell from this writing, I talk about myself a lot. I guess I wouldn’t have had what it took to be a secretary in 1959.


Don’t Forget the Arcade

When putting together the ultimate athlete mansion, it is important to include must-haves like the game room, infinity pool, shark tank, grotto. Can you even imagine if you forgot these?


The Family Is Back Together

There’s now an official trailer for season four of Arrested Development.