The Art of Advertising

If Mona Lisa can’t sell hair spray, who can?


The Photo of the Year Is Fake

That chilling shot you’ve likely seen so many times is not 100% real. Does that matter?


Smartphone. Silly Video.

In this YouTube video, one-time Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich acts like a guy that traveled here through time from the mid 90s.


What Made Facebook Blue?

Why is the world’s most popular social networking site that color?


She Will Always Love You

Even if you kick her off your plane.


Fat Guy, Little Coat

As you might expect, the set of the film Tommy Boy was filled with lots of chaos and laughter. This video contains a few NSFW elements.


A Finale About Nothing

The last episode of Seinfeld aired 15 years ago today. Take a look at where it ranks among the most watched series finales of all time.