All the Groin Hitting You Can Handle

The archives of America’s Funniest Home Videos are online. Try not to waste your entire day watching them.


The Stars in the Stands

Some sports fans transcend the role of observer and become part of the show themselves.


The Earthquake That Never Ended

The Chinese city of Beichuan was leveled by the Sichuan Earthquake five years ago. And rather than fixing the damages, the town will be left as is to serve as a permanent reminder.


The Funniest Thing That Can Be Written In Skywriting

This is just perfect.


Trekkies Rejoice

Bing is rolling out a Klingon translator to help you overcome all of your intergalactic language barriers.


That Is One Generous Plant

Shel Silverstein narrates an early animated version of his classic The Giving Tree.


Goodbye, Hader

Bill Hader is leaving SNL after this weekend’s season finale. Check out a treasure trove of his best sketches ever.