The Pool Is Filled With Waste

Science has confirmed once again what you always knew: That beautiful, crisp, cool pool is really just a big septic tank.


Disaster Films

Cracked runs down a list of classic films that had a less than stellar impact on the people that made them.


These Ain’t Zoos

These incredible places are a completely different way to interact with the wild.


And If They Attack

These amusing illustrated guides will serve you well if an animal ever attacks you. But, make sure you read them now. Don’t wait to begin reading them when the attack is happening, because you’ll be a bit distracted.


Lone Starr Speaks

Mel Brooks: Make A Noise is coming to PBS next week.


Caged Like A Dog

Pep was a murderer, so he was put in prison for life. That becomes more interesting when you know that Pep was a dog.


Small Town Olympics

Tulsa, Oklahoma may be making a play for the Olympics. If so, why not pitch your city with this pre-created small town pitch.