These Harry Potter Candles Melt to Reveal Your Hogwarts House—and Smell Amazing

Michele Debczak
MLC Co. / MLC Co.

As we move closer toward the end of summer, the thought of lighting a candle, making a pot of tea, and curling up with a good book becomes more appealing. "The Sorting" candle from MLC Co. (previously known as Muggle Library Candles) makes the perfect companion to whatever Harry Potter book you happen to be re-reading for the hundredth time this season. The candle slowly reveals your Hogwarts house as it burns.

From the outside, the item looks like a normal white candle. But when lit, the outer layer of plain wax melts away, allowing the colorful interior to poke through. The candles come in one of four concealed colors: red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff, and green for Slytherin. You can choose which house to which you belong, or find out which house you’re destined to match with by purchasing a "Surprise Me" candle and putting it to use. According to the label, the scent evokes "excitement, fear, and nervousness." The smell can also be described as lemon with sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.