Eat Locals

Erin McCarthy

Every week on the day after Monday, we're releasing new shirt designs in the mental_floss store. Today, it's Eat Locals. Over many millennia, superior speed and brainpower helped mankind ascend to the top of the food chain. But even those that rule the food roost can have the dinner tables turned on them if they run into the wrong hungry customer. So, proceed with caution if you happen to live near a pack of lions or tigers or similar voracious, flesh-eating beasts. After all, you may have speed, but all that makes you is fast food.

And that's not all! Take 20% off everything in the mental_floss store by entering the code EATLOCALS at checkout! Deal ends tonight at midnight PST and excludes subscriptions, package deals, and clearance.

Did you know that you can submit t-shirt slogans? Jenna B. of Elgin, IL, came up with this idea. She gets $125, a free shirt, and eternal "I designed a mental_floss t-shirt!" bragging rights. If you have a funny t-shirt slogan, you can submit it here.