Not So Super

For every Dark Knight there’s a Daredevil. These are the worst superhero movies of the last 10 years.


A City In Disguise

If you walked by 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn, you’d see what looks just like a normal brick townhouse. In reality, you’d be seeing a fake house that's really an underground escape route.


Thumbs Up To This

There’s a big difference between a thumb up and a middle finger up. Why do hand gestures come about?


A Dying Wish Delayed

Thomas “Cotton” Jones was killed at war way back in 1944, but his final request has only now been fulfilled, as a written message has just reached his now-90-year-old high school sweetheart.


Remembering Phil Hartman

The brilliant actor, who was killed 15 years ago today, was one of many well-known people to get their start on Pee-wee’s Playhouse. One of Hartman’s earliest recordings is now being turned into a brand-new cartoon.


You Get What You Paid For

You buy candy at the 99-cent store and you’re bound to get something odd.


The Early Bird Gets the Job

If you’re interviewing for a job, be knowledgeable, organized and early.