Maybe Just A Handshake Next Time

Or a pat on the back. A fist bump would work, too. These people should just avoid the high five.


Building Your Secret Life

Instructables explains how to make a secret book stashing spot for large objects. After that all you need is a bookcase that moves aside to reveal a secret passageway.


No Parking. No Car Insurance. Fewer Accidents.

That could be the future thanks to driverless cars. It sounds amazing.


This Is Pretty Sweet

And juicy. And packed with nutrients. I’m sad to say I haven’t had, or even heard of, many of the fruits on this awesome chart.

Speaking of which, there’s an ice cream bean? Wikipedia confirms that there is, and its description sounds amazing:

The pods contain black seeds which are embedded in a thick white juicy pulp that tastes slightly like vanilla ice cream.


This Town Is So Stale

Which stands to reason, because it’s made of bread.


The Greatest Benefit of A Cell Phone

It’s not the convenience. Or the instant access to information. It’s that you will no longer be required to step into a phone booth death trap.


This Isn’t Your Neighbor’s Rake We’re Talking About Here

This lab “borrowed” some moon dust from NASA and just sort of forgot to give it back.