For the first time in history, an American has won the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling race. Kenny Rackers, dressed in a stars-and-stripes onesie, beat the English at their own absurd sport to win the cheese – which is not a quirky British euphemism, but an actual wheel of cheese.

New South Wales, Australia seems to have a problem with giant, fluorescent pink slugs. (Warning: gross.)

By placing celebrated works of classic and modern art into unconventional settings, the Great Art in Ugly Rooms series proves that even with masterpieces, a lot of what matters is location, location, location.

Adolf Hitler did not actually invent the “Hitler mustache.”

The Los Angeles Police Department will take whatever measures necessary to catch a criminal, even if in 1960, that meant the entire robbery squad dressing as women.


A New York PBS station’s recent ad campaign takes a jab at the proliferation of ridiculous reality TV show premises with ads for shows called Knitting Wars, Bayou Eskimos, and Bad Bad Bag Boys. The posters are convincing, but fake – which is a shame, because “Married to a Mime” sounds fascinating.

Sometimes a Google search can be more than just a string of search terms. Google Poetics takes note of the AutoComplete function’s capacity to produce accidentally profound gems like this one: “I tried to do handstands for you/ I tried to be perfect/ I tried to drown my sorrows/ I tried to discover.”

After leaving office, Lyndon Johnson let his hair grow out.