Every year, sand artists from across the world gather for the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival. This year’s theme was Hollywood, which inspired entries featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, Gollum, and the entire cast of Toy Story 3.

These 25 GIFs from Arrested Development’s much-anticipated fourth season might come in handy.

In a twist on the usual photo-a-day challenge, Mark Hirsch used his iPhone to take a snapshot of a single Wisconsin oak tree every day for a year from different angles, distances, and weather conditions.

A Starbucks location in Hong Kong is in hot water for using a parking garage bathroom faucet, located just a few feet from a urinal, to brew its coffee. A company spokesperson attempted to justify the franchisee’s choice by pointing out that the store had no direct water supply available, which seems like something they should have considered before putting a coffee shop there.

These side-by-side comparisons of historical figures and the biopic actors made to look like them will have you doing double-takes.

A project by Acrojou Circus Theatre, “The Wheel House” consists of a pair of acrobats literally taking their show on the road: the duo inhabits a unique rolling home with no floor or ceiling and that also comprises a vehicle of sorts, which moves when they move.

These 1950s pinup photos featuring a stuffed bunny, the Liberty Bell, and some strangely dramatic book reading are a little sexy, but mostly silly.

If there were ever a country song that could unite a nation, it might be Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel” – which, it turns out, was originally written forty years ago by a mumbling young Bob Dylan