Life in Slow-Motion /

Youtube is teeming with videos and entire channels of stuff happening in slow-motion. Here are a few of our favorites.

Animals Shaking Off Water

This video of creatures from hedgehogs to dogs shaking off water is both mesmerizing and informative.


The MythBusters know that nothing reveals the details of an explosion like slow-motion. In this video, they explain how they use high-speed cameras, and then roll a clip of a ton of awesome explosions (and one really good face slap).

Popcorn Popping

You can find out why popcorn pops here.

Dog Drinking Water

Ah, so that’s why they make such a mess! (Cats, of course, do it differently.)


Blink and you’ll miss them in real life, but in slow motion, the bolts are revealed in all their beautiful, terrifying glory.

Surfer and Wave

Pulse Jet

This looks dangerous.

Cheetahs Running

We’ve featured this video before, but it’s too gorgeous not to include.

What’s your favorite slow-mo video?