Today’s Debate: The 101 Best Written Shows Ever

The Writers Guild of America created a list of the 101 best written shows ever. The Simpsons and Breaking Bad outside the top 10??? Star Trek made this list??? They included The Andy Griffith Show but not Mr. Show???

Okay, I have to go calm down.


An Old Apple

Check out this 74-year old colorized footage of New York City.


Why Don’t I Already Have This?

I must make a Swiss Army Key Ring post haste.


Charlie Chaplin & Adolf Hitler

Those are really the two notable people that rocked that particular type of mustache. And, after the latter of those two, it’s understandable why that look died off. But, was it actually a really popular style at one point?


The Most Adorable Interruption Ever

If you run onto the field at a sporting event, you’ll be arrested. But if a dog runs onto the field, you’ll be delighted.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Just because it’s printed in a “newspaper” doesn’t make it “news”. Take these hilarious tabloid headlines for instance.


Duck Walk

This 3D sidewalk chalk art will look very, very familiar to anyone that grew up in the 80s.


On Your House in 30 Minutes or Less

Not TO your house, ON your house.