8 Old Prodigy Ads Explain Why You Need the Internet


Prodigy: It's all About the Encyclopedia

"Prodigy even has a 21-volume electronic encyclopedia that's updated quarterly." What could possibly surpass that?


Prodigy: Money and Sports

It's got stocks stuff, it's got sports stuff, and did we mention that encyclopedia? We really, really think that's a selling point.


Prodigy: Banking, Shopping, Games, and Dad Stuff

"It can follow just your stocks, huh?" Jeepers. "And here's England!"


Prodigy: Fly Fishing

Finally, an online service for fly fishing. (No, really.)


Prodigy: Beating Up On Your Banjo

Whoa. There's a lot going on on that bus.


Prodigy: Your Local Diner

Apparently this one came from a Prodigy CD-ROM circa 1996. Note the 1996-era frame rate and crappy audio. The list of features at the end (including "downloadable files") is riding the sad-or-funny line.


Prodigy: Now for Parents

Having a baby? Apparently you need to do more shopping online.


Live on Prodigy

Gary Brown is live on chat. "If you're not a member, you should be." Keep an eye on the color scheme when they show the screen -- purple was very hip in those days.