Break Out the Tridents

They may not rise to the level of Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Team’s epic battle, but there are plenty of examples of news anchors throwing verbal bombs at one another.


Cracking Kryptos

You’re probably familiar with the CIA Kryptos which has puzzled codebreakers and amateur detectives for several decades. Now you can hear the story of the person that has finally cracked the toughest part of it.


Soda vs. Pop

You guys vs. Y’all. Garage sale vs. Rummage sale. ThanksGIVing vs. THANKSgiving. Check out a geographical breakdown of the language feuds that divide the nation.


This Ain’t No Walk On the Beach

The name Vista Hermosa (which means “beautiful view” in Spanish) sounds like a ritzy oceanfront condo community. In reality it’s Venezuela’s grittiest prison. Seems like a rather odd name.


Won’t You Be-Bah-Bah-Be My Neighbor

You can never have too many Mr. Rogers remixes.


The Who, What, When, Where & How of Walter White

The creators of Breaking Bad recently did a Reddit AMA. Find the highlights here.


This Video Would Have Made More $ Than After Earth

They should have just released this compilation of WIll Smith sounds.