11 Inventive Flasks For Drinking On The Sly

WearYourBeer.com / WearYourBeer.com

Concerts, picnics, spending less at overpriced bars... We'll drink to that! These 11 flasks are byo-brilliant.

1. Umbrella Flask

Image courtesy Mr Porter

For days when it's cloudy with a chance of drunk.

2. Bra Flask

Image courtesy Stupid.com

The breast flask on the market.

3. Bangle Flask

Image courtesy Cynthia Rowley

The perfect accessory to public intoxication.

4. Necktie Flask

Image courtesy WearYourBeer.com

Now you can tie one on at work.

5. Book Flask

Image courtesy Cool Material

Only for top-shelf liquor, of course.

6. Binoculars Flask

Image courtesy Ministry of Deals

Beer goggles are for amateurs.

7. Flip Flop Flask

Image courtesy Uncrate

Good news: No one else will want a sip.

8. Camera Flask

Image courtesy Amazon

This one takes great shots.

9. Wallet Flask

Image courtesy Drinking Made Easy

Put your mouth where your money is.

10.  Cellphone Flask

Image courtesy Oh Gizmo

The best part of all: You can't use it to drunk dial.

11. Seat Cushion Flask

Image courtesy Sears.com

Bottoms up!