Andrea Zuckerman's Finest Moments

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As Tropical Storm Andrea throws heavy rain and high-speed winds along the East Coast of the United States, I've got another Andrea on my mind. Beverly Hills, 90210's Andrea Zuckerman, the ambitious high schooler at West Beverly High who challenged all-around good guy and protagonist Brandon Walsh on a regular basis, sticks in my mind as just the kind of nerdy gal that _flossers would support. Here, six of her memorable moments on the show.

Wrong School District

One of the key plots in the beginning of the series was Andrea's residence on the other side of Beverly Hills. Here, Brandon and Steve convince her to stay at their school.

The High School Newspaper

Brandon and Andrea worked closely on the West Beverly High newspaper—but not always so harmoniously.

Brandon and Andrea

The on-again, off-again, could-be, maybe relationship between Brandon and Andrea created tension among the group.

Baby on Board

In a shocking twist, good girl Andrea became pregnant in college.


In season four, Andrea married Jesse at City Hall.

The Last Episode

Andrea made a brief appearance in the last episode of 90210 when she attended Donna and David's wedding.