Why Vegans Should Steer Clear of Candy Corn on Halloween

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Vegans take note: While chowing down on candy corn, you aren't just consuming pure sugar. In addition to three types of food dye (which give the sweets their signature tri-colored stripes), sesame oil, corn syrup, and other ingredients, the triangular treats actually contain honey and a handful of other potentially problematic components, according to a new video by Tech Insider that breaks down what’s really inside the seasonal goodies.

Honey is a dicey ingredient for many vegans, but the recipe's real surprise might be the liquid that gives candy corn its glossy coat. It’s derived from lac-resin, which is secreted by the lac insect in Southeast Asia much like a bee produces honey. Also, candy corn gets its chewy texture from gelatin, a protein that comes from animal parts like hides and bones.

Check out Tech Insider’s video below to find out what other secrets candy corn contains—and if you’re a vegan looking for Halloween treats you can actually eat, check out Paste’s list of 15 guilt-free candies for your binging pleasure.