Japanese Snow Monkeys Taking Hot Baths

Chris Higgins
YouTube / ChannelAGG
YouTube / ChannelAGG / YouTube / ChannelAGG

Sometimes you just need a hot bath to take the edge off. In Japan's Jigokudani Monkey Park, a group of Japanese Macaques do just that. For four months a year, snow is on the ground, and the snow monkeys stay warm in natural hot springs. That's pretty much the whole story here, folks: monkeys taking hot baths, grooming each other, falling asleep.

So, tonight, just sit back and stare at these monkeys having a great time. Warning: extremely adorable and weirdly soothing.

Grooming In Extreme HD

Shot with a RED ONE camera, this one looks amazing in HD fullscreen.

Monkey Meditation

Nearly eight minutes of extremely slow, meditative monkey business.

Excerpt from "Baraka"

This is the first time I saw these guys -- from the excellent documentary Baraka.

Sleepy Snow Monkeys

These guys don't even care. They hardly notice they're even on camera. Too busy doin' nothin'.

In a Snow Storm

Despite wind and snow, these monkeys are keeping their cool warm.

Explanation By the BBC

This BBC Worldwide clip explains how the monkeys-only hot springs came to be. Warning: video contains humans!

(Via The Kid Should See This.)